Gro Rite Bookkeeping

We work with your accountant or CPA and establish the chart of accounts specific to your business, collect and categorize financial transactions, and create financial reports. We can then provide the following services:

Our services

On-Site or Remote Bookkeeping
We can work in your office or remotely depending on your needs. Remote work can often save you money and speed up the work flow.

Accounts Receivable / Payable
Accurately recording the relationship between the amounts a company owes for items or services purchased on credit and the asset resulting from selling goods or services on credit is integral to a company's financial management.

We can manage your payroll in conjunction with our regular bookkeeping services or you can simply outsource your payroll to us and free yourself to perform the tasks that define your business.


Federal Tax Preparation
Does the thought of April 15 make you a little stressed? Gro Rite can help!

State and Local Reports and Taxes
Timely reporting to state and local tax regulatory authorities keeps your business healthy and worry free.

Quarterly and Annual Reports
Accurate data is essential to accurately reflect your company's past performance and a useful tool for forecasting your future success.

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